Advertising and Sponsorship on Radio Ninesprings

    Radio Ninesprings offers advertising and sponsorship opportunities. Advertising is a flexible way of promoting your business, products and services, across the region. Sponsorship associates your business with real local radio across an area of up to 180,000 population.

    Why Radio Ninesprings?


    Get your tailored message to a community audience 

    Have a captive audience, with low avoidance of adverts

    From enquiry to hearing your advert online could take as little as 2 days 

    We can time your airplay to target your specific audience


    Linking your business with the heart of the community

    Sponsor specific shows in order to gain interest of your target market

    Positive image for your business, with ties to certain shows

    Why is radio such a powerful medium for business?

    Radio gets to people beyond the reach of print media & TV

    Adverts can be targeted at specific audience demographics

    Radio triggers ‘word of mouth’ promotion

    Radio is a penetrative medium that lends itself to establishing a brand

    Radio drives responses online, e.g. social media followers

    Radio attracts listener loyalty

    Live Radio has low ad avoidance, you cannot fast-forward through a radio ad

    Get in Touch Today!

    Unlock your businesses potential with Radio Ninesprings.

    To find out about fantastic sponsorship & advertising opportunities Contact Us today!

    Advertising and Sponsorship Packages from £95 + VAT **


    Steve Haigh (Station Manager)  07836 246678

    Steve Carpenter (Programme Manager)  07870 677370   




    ** Minimum 3-month investment required

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